Iron-Bits Broker Review


Trust can be a funny thing. This is especially true in the world of online trading. It can take a long time for a brokerage to earn a good reputation and trust within the community. On the other hand, it takes only a second to break that trust. It can be due to failing to provide security for client funds, having a lacking a strong support system in place or just not being able to provide reasons for traders to commit long-term.

As someone with trust issues, we are always pleasantly surprised when we encounter a legitimate brokerage who seems to invest time and money into creating a trading environment worth coming back to. Even though it hasn’t been around for a long time, Iron-Bits managed to catch our attention because of great user feedback. We wanted to take a deeper look into everything they had to offer. In our Iron-Bits Review, we will provide you with a detailed breakdown of all features, so that you can see for yourself if they are worthy of your time and money.



Iron-Bits is highly accessible to all types of traders. By providing several different tiers, most people can find something that suits their needs, ambitions and budget. The lowest account tier is set at only €250. This way, traders can get a good feeling of everything the brokerage can offer. It has sufficient perks to peak your interest while leaving the ultimate features for the higher-tier accounts. This is a breakdown of all account types:

  • Silver

Like we mentioned, for only €250 you get access to more than 200 tradable assets with leverage of up to 1:100. Market reviews are a type of live service you receive to keep you up to date with everything happening on the markets across the world. If you are an experienced trader or combine this with educational assets on Iron-Bits website, this will pretty much be all you need.

  • Gold

If you want to take your trading game to the next level, you should consider upgrading to Gold. For €10,000 or more, you start getting an increased number of perks. Most notably, you get a dedicated senior account manager. This comes in quite handy when you consider you can now use improved spreads and leverage of up to 200. Their experience in the field is a game-changer. You can also upgrade your knowledge with the monthly webinars.

  • Platinum

The platinum account is reserved for serious traders. For starters, you need to invest at least €50,000. In return, you receive Improved spreads and leverage, trading signals, financial planning, risk management planning and special venture promotions. Taking the full advantage of all of these requires a comprehensive knowledge of the matter and is not recommended for beginners. However, if you know what you are doing, then all these benefits are definitely worth the price of addition.

  • VIP

Getting to the VIP status is not easy. In order to acquire it, you need to receive a special invite. Only the top-performing traders can get access to its features. In addition to everything previously mentioned, you get complete access to trader room analysis, access to lucrative VIP events, webinars on demand, private analyst sessions, prioritized withdrawal status and the best leverage (up to 400). This is no doubt Iron-Bits way of rewarding their most loyal clients. We have never seen such a package elsewhere, and high-volume traders should definitely consider it.

Iron-Bits Broker Review



There will always be a debate on whether a good trader is born or made. Regardless of your stand, there can be no denying everyone benefits from learning. This is why so many brokerages put such a huge emphasis on educational content. Iron-Bits is no different. They want you to stay on their website as long as possible and they want you to learn from them instead of having to pay a third-party for educational purposes. Iron-Bits offers plenty of material that is free of charge but reserves the best for paying customers.

Before even opening an account, you can use the provided education centre to learn about trading fundamentals. Truth be told, this material is intended for novice traders. They can visit the Glossary to learn about trading ABCs. Each term is explained in great detail so that everyone can easily follow. There is also the Asset index which helps traders plan out how they want to build their portfolio. You can read some basic info about the asset you are interested in with its trading hours.

Iron-Bits Broker Review

If you really want to start learning quickly, you should head to the eBooks section. Here you will find numerous books written from a trader’s perspective. Even though they were written by industry veterans, everything is broken down and includes illustrations for the sake of accessibility. Traders can read about everything from Basic Technical Analysis all the way to Advanced Strategies. Paying customers also gain access to market reviews and webinars that are designed to provide an even more detailed look into the real world of trading by closely following the latest trends.



While traders may have different preferences, there is no denying that they hold one thing above all else. We are, of course, talking about the speed of execution. Iron-Bits took notice of this when they developed their own web-based platform. While it may lack some of the more advanced features of their counterparts, it is blazing fast. In a world that is as volatile as this, instant exactions are the number one priority.

Traders can choose one of the 200+ assets on the left side. They are all divided into several categories, and you can even glance some basic information such as buy & sell values, without even highlighting them. Once selected, you can monitor their real-time performance on the graph to the right. The best thing about it is its interactivity. Traders can perform detail analysis with the help of trading tools such as Elliot 3 line, Fibonacci, Vertical counters and many more. This gives the trader the power to develop, test and execute new trading strategies with ease.

Iron-Bits Broker Review

Navigating the platform is even easier when you take notice shortcuts on the left side. These can take you to your opened and closed position, quick settings or even support. In our experience, by far the most useful shortcut was the ability to seamlessly deposit or withdraw funds from the platform directly. These quality of life improvements may seem trivial, but from the perspective of an experienced trader, they are priceless. It is exactly little things like this that prove that Iron-Bits is developed and run by industry veterans that know how a typical trader thinks.



You have many options if you need to contact Iron-Bits. If you need a quick response, your best option is to start up the live chat. Setting up your name and query is done in seconds, and the reply you receive is very professional. If you prefer to talk to someone, depending on where you are located, you can contact either the Australian or the United Kingdom team. Both are very polite and seem well equipped to deal with any issue thrown their way. Ultimately, if you are in no hurry, you can always write then an email, via your browser, or the on-page form. You can check out the working hours on the Contact Us page.



Making deposits and withdrawals is seamless on Iron-Bits. All the industry popular methods are supported, including Visa, Master Card and Bank Wire Transfer. All requests are processed within the hour, but traders need to be aware that it may take longer to transfer funds from their account to their wallets. This is due to bank policies, so all traders are advised to check their bank policies. On their end, Iron-Bits does a good job in securing fund safety and smooth transfers.


Iron-Bits Broker Review


Starting a successful trading career starts with making a good first choice. For many, this should be Iron-Bits. During our time treading with them, they have proven to be a legitimate and competent broker that values its trader. By providing a stable and fast platform, reliable support team and a comprehensive set of learning tools, they have created a welcoming ground for both the newcomers and experienced traders. We hope our Iron-Bits review helped you make up your mind about this young and prosperous brokerage.

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