TheWealthCore Broker Review

Trading online has been one of the most popular career choices in the past 18 months due to the pandemic outbreak. Thanks to this trend we have witnessed the birth of many new brokerages trying to compete for their own piece of the pie. Nowadays, it is extremely important to be able to tell apart the legitimate ones from scammers. Our reviews aim to make it easy for traders worldwide to tell the difference and thus make a good choice that will aid them in pursuing a career in this industry. Today, we have highlighted a fairly recently opened brokerage – TheWealthCore.

In most cases, having little to no pedigree is a bad sign, but this brokerage intrigued us by offering much more than its competitors, so we decided to dig deeper. Their website is very consumer-centric. The overall design is very intuitive so that you can easily locate anything you need in seconds. Another very underrated thing that we need to praise is the absence of bombastic titles and promises. Everything you read on TheWealthCore is very grounded. You are not promised you will become a millionaire in a day. But let us talk more about what is available here. Be sure to read the entire review to discover whether this brokerage is best suited to your needs.

TheWealthCore Broker Review


As you could expect, TheWealthCore has created several account types to accommodate traders of all levels. Not all of us have the same ambitions, goals or even budget, so it is important to have our needs met. This brokerage is offering four distinct tiers each with an increasing number of perks. The biggest downside to this system is that there is no demo account available If you simply wish to give their platform a quick test. On the other hand, the starting tier is more than reasonable, so we imagine that many people will still get to experiment on TheWealthCore without having to sustain a big impact on their wallets. In short, these are the accounts available:

  • Silver

For a reasonable price of €250, you get full access to the platform with more than 200 available assets. There are no limitations on your trading choices, so you have free reigns to create a successful portfolio. To support you even further, you receive leverage of up to 100, and daily market reviews to always keep you up with the latest market developments.

  • Gold

When you are ready to upgrade, the Gold account is the next in line with an asking price of €10,000+. Leverage and spreads start slowly increasing and combined with financial and risk management planning and other regular webinars, you receive plenty of educational material to make you a better trader.

  • Platinum

The platinum tier requires you to have a minimum balance of €50,000+. Despite a hefty price, it will definitely be worth it for the high-volume trader. Included benefits are a dedicated senior account manager, bonus funds, trade room analysis, trading signals, private analyst sessions and a level 2 prioritized withdrawal process.

  • VIP

Unfortunately, we were unable to test this tier due to its “invitational only” nature. It is unknown what parameters need to meet to receive the invitation. Despite this, the long list of perks seems attractive enough, with pretty much similar bonuses we saw before, but with much better conditions. If you at any point receive this invitation, we feel it would be worth it.

TheWealthCore Broker Review


Nowadays every brokerage offers some type of educational resource. Still, there is a big difference between those who take time and effort to create something of value and those who just try to tick a box by offering something subpar. TheWealthCore definitely falls in the latter category. They have built a system that rewards both the registered and unregistered users alike.

For starters, beginners can access the education centre from the homepage. There is an abundance of materials here that do a great job introducing new traders to the concepts of online trading. With the help of tools such as the Glossary and Asset index, you are ready to take on the eBooks section. It covers many useful topics that can take your trading career off ground.

When you do decide to register, you can access many new educational tools that are intended for intermediate and advanced users. The trading signal is probably one of the most impactful tools any trader needs every day. With the help of this and many other tools we mentioned in the previous section, you can take your skills to the next level.

TheWealthCore Broker Review


TheWealthCore has developed its own web-based trading platform from the ground up. This decision will surely divide the trading community. It will especially be a big pill to swallow for those who have spent years trading with established solutions such as Meta Trader.  While MT5 and MT4 have earned the right to be called the industry standard, they are far from perfect platforms. TheWealthCore seems to have developed their solution around the biggest complains traders had with Meta Trader, and it seems to be working extremely well.

You would think that re-learning where everything is and familiarizing yourself with the new design would take a long time, but it is not the case. Everything is so intuitive that losing your way around is practically impossible. Locating the exact asset you require, or simply browsing the list is incredibly smooth. All assets are divided into several categories and each of them has a small preview screen that holds vital information so that you can make your choices even quicker. Interacting with those assets is made possible thanks to the real-time performance monitor that allows you to use several tools to perform different types of analysis.

There are also several shortcuts built into the platform, that can take you to important places without getting outside of the trading experience. You can quickly reach and view your opened and closed positions, make deposits, withdrawals and so much more with a single click. This way, the management of your portfolio became just that much easier.

TheWealthCore Broker Review


Reaching a TheWealthCore representative is easy thanks to the plethora of available communication channels. All of them are equally efficient, so you should only make your choices based on your personal preferences. You can write emails (via your email client or the on-page form), contact the call centres or even interact with the quick chatbots. The only thing to keep in mind is the working hours. Sadly TheWealthCore does not provide 24/7 support. Their operational hours are Sunday: 15:30 – 00:00 AM GMT, Monday to Thursday: 03:00 AM – 00:00 AM GMT and Friday: 03:00 AM – 15:00 GMT for both the phone lines and the chat support.


Making deposits and withdrawals works pretty much as you would expect. TheWealthCore relies on true and tested bank-related methods. In practice, this means you can fund your account with your credit and debit cards or via wire transfers. Waiting times are slightly higher when compared to come crypto solutions but are on par with the rest of the industry.

TheWealthCore Broker Review


If you are considering changing your brokerage, or simply just starting your online trading career, TheWealthCore has provided an excellent trading environment for both novice and experienced traders. They struck gold with a clever mix of true and tested technologies and innovation. The only thing we would love to see improved is the bi-lingual support. Alternatively, if your English is good enough, then you should have no issues with trading with TheWealthCore. We are happy to issue our full-hearted recommendations for this brokerage.

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