Nostra Capital Broker Review

Online trading has become massively popular in the past few years. Many first-time traders have flooded the market and as a result, there has been an increase in newly founded brokerages. Today, we review one of those – Nostra Capital. The first thing to pay attention to is whether you are dealing with a scam or not. We will go into greater detail, but let’s get the big thing out of the way. Nostra Capital seems to be a legitimate broker that offers standard industry solutions, with a few clever innovations to set it apart from the competitors. We will break down each of its features so that by the end, you will get a good idea of whether Nostra Capital should be your next stop for online trading.

Nostra Capital Broker Review


Nostra Capital recognizes the importance of diversifying its offer to accommodate the needs of different types of traders. Not all of us have the same budget, ambitions or even goals. While some traders take this casually and prefer to buy assets and sit on them for a long period of time, some of us make alterations to our portfolios every day. This is why Nostra Capital has created several account types, each with an increasing number of perks to suit different types of traders. Below you will find the detailed breakdown of Basic, Silver, Gold and the Platinum account type.

  • Basic

While it is a shame there is no Demo account, Basic will probably be a choice for many who simply wish to experience everything first-hand. The entry price is quite reasonable – for €250 you get full access to the platform without any restrictions. You can create your portfolio from more than 200 assets with a starting leverage of up to 100. In addition, you also receive market reviews to keep you up to date with all the market events.

  • Silver

When you are ready to upgrade or simply wish to aim higher, you can apply for the Silver tier. While the asking price is significantly higher (€10,000+), the amount of perks you receive in return is considerably larger. For starters, you get your own dedicated account manager to help you makes trades even more efficiently. Your spreads and leverage increase and you get full access to monthly webinars. These educational perks are especially important for taking your trading skill to the next level.

  • Gold

Platinum accounts require a minimum deposit of €25,000. The list of available perks is quite long, so let us start: bonus funds, trading signals, tier 2 trade room analysis, financial and risk management planning, special venture promotions, weekly webinars, private analyst sessions and levels 2 prioritized withdrawal process. You have plenty of tools in your hands to create something special with your portfolio.

  • Platinum

The platinum account type starts at €100,000+ and offer the pinnacle of trading experience at Nostra Capital. You get the ultimate conditions of the previously mentioned perks. If you are a high volume trader, you will find these perks to be very beneficial for your day to day trading.

Nostra Capital Broker Review


Education Centre is one of Nostra Capital key features. It holds a vast library of valuable information for novice to intermediate traders. This content is made completely free who visits the Nostra Capital website. There are several categories here, and we advise consuming it in this order: Glossary and Asset index introduces the basic terminology in this industry and the best way of using it. Once you master that, it would be good to move on to the eBooks section. Here you will find numerous topics from beginners strategies to advanced technical analysis. All of them are well illustrated and easy to comprehend. You can view them on the website or download them for future offline use.

Experienced traders also get some resources to help them improve their skills. However, these are only made available to those who open an account at Nostra Capital. These perks include daily market review, webinars, trading signals, private analyst sessions and more. These are intended for experienced users, and it is obvious in the way they are constructed so be aware of that. If you are a beginner, you will have issues if you jump straight into these. Also, be sure to check out their account types page to double-check if your selected tier hold every perk you are looking for.



Nostra Capital made a controversial decision by choosing not to adopt some standard industry solutions such as Meta Trader, but rather develop their own platform in-house. This is completely web-based, and thus readily available from any device with an active internet connection. Thanks to this, you have much more flexibility when trading, as you are not limited as much by your desktop computer. This approach also resulted in a lightweight platform that is considerably speedier than any similar solution so far. In order to achieve this speed, some advanced analysis tools had to be sacrificed, but given the end result, we feel it is a worthy trade-off.

Navigating the Nostra Capital platform is seamless due to its intuitive design. Locating or simply browsing the asset list is very manageable due to its layout. Next to each asset is a small preview screen that holds vital information such as buy and sell price, change of price since the last session, and much more. This makes managing your portfolio even smoother. Once selected, you can interact with them via the real-time performance monitor on the right. As we mentioned, some advanced analysis tools are absent, but essentially, you will find everything you need here. Only the most hardcore analysis will feel at a loss. In our humble opinion, the performance and security Nostra Capital platform offers is an excellent alternative to industry-standard solutions.

Nostra Capital Broker Review


Reaching an Nostra Capital representative is easier than you think. There are numerous ways you can address your inquiries. The three most efficient ones are via email, call centres or by using the live chat feature. Emails are most efficient if you don’t have the time for instant communication. On the other hand, there is a call centre in Australia. The only thing to be mindful of is the working hours, so be sure to check out the “Contact us” page to avoid any negative surprises. Live chat is definitely our favourite option. This is due to the fact that it is operated by an actual person and not a bot. This makes it extremely efficient for solving small issues in a hurry. Instead of simply directing you to the F.A.Q. page, you get polite and professional feedback.


Nostra Capital offers several ways to fund your trading account. You can either use your credit/debit card or bank wire transfers. Sadly there are no eWallet compatible solutions, which means you will have to rely on your bank provider entirely which also means having to endure slightly longer waiting times for withdrawals. That being said, when compared with the rest of the industry, Nostra capital ranks pretty high in this department.

Nostra Capital Broker Review


Despite not having a long trading pedigree, Nostra Capital has managed to establish itself as one of the leading brokerages in this industry. The combination of bold innovation and using established systems has created a near-perfect trading environment. The only thing we would love to see improved in the near future is the bi-lingual support. This is the one thing that can slow down a brokerage’s expansion, but if you are happy with using English, you will have nothing to worry about.

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