Green Tower Investments Broker Review

If you are searching for a premium brand within the online trading community, look no further than Green Tower Investments. Over the past several years, this broker has managed to establish itself as one of the most premium options. This reputation is never easy to obtain and the same is true in this industry. From the moment you load up one of their pages, everything oozes with class. Mind you, there are no promises of wealth or anything like that. Its website serves only to highlights Green Tower Investments best features while wrapping them in a tight little package. In our detailed review, we aim to break down all the pros and cons of trading with this brokerage. Be sure to stick around until the end to find out whether switching to Green Tower Investments would be a good choice for your trading career.

Green Tower Investments Review


Green Tower Investments offers a good variety of accounts in order to accommodate a wider audience. Despite not having a Demo account, the offer is diversified enough to be attractive to complete beginners and industry veterans alike. The one thing we especially liked was the Wealth Management tier that is fully customisable. You get a tailor-made solution that works perfectly around your needs, ambitions and budget. Other than it, there are four different tiers, each with an increasing number of perks. Here is a quick overlook of each of them.

  • Basic

This one is intended to serve as a replacement for the demo account. With a low asking price of just $250, you get full access to the platform, with decent leverage, market review and a chance to build a portfolio with more than 200 tradable assets.

  • Silver

It might be surprising just how expensive the next tier is, but it is unrealistic for a premium brand to offer budget solutions. Anyway, you do get what you pay for. Leverage, bonus funds, spreads, educational content, a dedicated account manager are just a few of the perks you get to enjoy. In order to qualify for a Silver account, you need a deposit of €10,000+

  • Gold

If you continue to climb up the ladder, you will find the Gold tier that requires a minimum balance of at least $25,000. Financial and risk management workshops became available in addition to improved trading conditions. If you wish to further your career even more, you can make full use of trade room analysis that presents invaluable insight into the market conditions and trends.

  • Platinum

With a minimum balance of $100,000, you become eligible for the Honors account type. VIP events, bonus funds, prioritized withdrawal process, full access to all educational content on the website and best trading conditions out there are enough to make this tier well worth your money. High volume traders will find a lot to like about this tier.

Green Tower Investments Review


Even if you do have a formal trading education, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of constant learning. Industry this young and fast-paced requires constantly being in the loop, knowing all the fundamentals, and closely examining everything happening on the global markets. Green Tower Investments understands the value of good education, so it offers something for both its current and potential future clients.

Their website offers content that is best suited to complete beginners. There you get a chance to familiarize yourself with the basic terminology and get access to several excellent eBooks. These are well-illustrated, and written in a way anybody can follow, regardless of your background. There are a lot of interesting topics here, including beginners strategies, capital management, CFDs and stocks and much more. Once you master these, you can then move on to the premium education resources that are reserved for registered clients.

If you are an intermediate or even an advanced trader, then you will surely make better use of the educational tools that become available once you open an account at Green Tower Investments. We already mentioned some of these in the previous segment. Essentially, you get a chance to improve your skills by reading and interacting with people with years and decades of experience.

Green Tower Investments Review


If you expected a trading platform such as meta trader, you will be disappointed because Green Tower Investments offers their own, web-based solution. We strongly advise you to reserve your judgement until you tried it for yourself because we were pleasantly surprised with what we discovered.

Since this is a web-based platform, it means you can access it from pretty much any device as long as it has an active internet connection. If your device has an internet browser, you can run it. This is excellent because you are not bound by any mobile apps that often come with severe limitations. Regardless of where you log in, you are going to have the full experience.

Speaking of which, the first thing you notice is the sublime speed of the platform and its overall stability. You can endlessly browse the asset list, interact with them, and perform some serious analysis, at no point will the platform slow down even a little bit. This is excellent news especially to those who are used to MT4 or MT5 and are well aware of its sluggish nature. Green Tower Investments is an excellent alternative if you want to have a seamless trading experience and we cannot recommend it enough.

Green Tower Investments Review


You are bound to encounter an issue, or simply have a question regarding the services, and in these situations, it pays to have a great support system. Green Tower Investments managed to exceed our expectations here as well by providing excellent support. While there is only a single way to interact with their representatives (via email), it runs perfectly in practice, and we rarely had to wait more than a few minutes before we heard back from them. We would describe the entire experience as very professional and polite, regardless of how many silly things we threw their way.


Green Tower Investments cannot be matched when it comes to funding methods. You can choose between using credit cards, bank wire transfers and Bitcoin transfers. While the depositing time is pretty much instant regardless of what method you use, withdrawals work a bit different. If you are using eWallets, then there are practically no waiting times at all. On the other hand, you might experience slight delays when using any bank-related payment method, but this is entirely up to your bank and not your broker.

Green Tower Investments Review


If you have ever considered trying out a new broker or starting your trading journey altogether, Green Tower Investments would be an excellent choice. After trading with it for several weeks, we can say with confidence that this brokerage is more than suited to meet the demands of modern brokers regardless of their prior experience. But our praise can only do so much. Our advice is to check them out for yourself and we are sure you will come to a similar conclusion.

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