Chelsea Investments Broker Review

Chelsea Investments is one of the most reputable brokerages in the online trading industry. This reputation was gained over a long period of time by providing unrivalled trading conditions. Since a lot of brokerages tend to sleep on their loreals, it is time to revisit Chelsea Investments and see what they can offer in 2021 and beyond. In our detailed review, you will get a breakdown of all their features as well as how they compare to the competition.

The website is very professional in its presentation and very clinical with its language. There are no lavish promises of getting rich quickly, but only a few highlights of their most impressive features. The website is easy to navigate, and you can find everything you need very quickly. This intuitive design is present in almost all aspects of Chelsea Investments, and it will be most apparent whilst inspecting their trading platform and educational content.

Chelsea Investments Broker Review


Chelsea Investments adopts the concept of offering numerous account types in order to accommodate a wide range of traders. Here, you can find four distinct tiers, each with an increasing number of perks. The only thing that is sadly absent here is the demo account. This is especially noticeable because the starting tier is not cheap. This means that if you do not wish to commit, you will not be able to experience everything Chelsea Investments has to offer for yourself. Here is a breakdown of all available tiers, their asking price, and what they offer in return:

  • Basic

The Basic account is the lowest you can go at Chelsea Investments, and it will cost you €250. In return, you get to experience the full trading experience with full access to the trading platform with more than 200 tradable assets. Staring leverage is up to 100, and you receive a market review each day to help you make better informed decisions.

  • Silver

Silver account holders need to have a minimum of €10,000 account balance. In return, you receive a dedicated senior account manager, bonus funds, tier 3 room analysis, and educational content such as webinars and financial and risk management planning.

  • Gold

Gold account start at €25,000 but given how it’s the most popular choice at Chelsea Investment, it stands to reason you get your money’s worth. In addition to everything previously mentioned, traders also receive increased spreads and leverage, trading signals, special venture promotions and private analyst sessions.

  • Platinum

This is the best Chelsea Investment has to offer. The asking price is a hefty €100,000. High volume traders will get to enjoy benefits such as prioritized withdrawal, complete access to all educational content, ultimate spreads and leverage and much more. The full list of perks can be found on the Account types page.

Chelsea Investments Broker Review


Investing in trader education has always been one of the most important features any brokerage can offer, and Chelsea Investments doesn’t disappoint in this department. They have developed an elaborate system that benefits both the complete beginners and industry veterans alike. In the previous segment, we addressed some of the educational perks you receive based on what tier you choose to go with. These include financial and risk management planning, private analyst sessions, arbitrage trading and more. While experienced traders can make full use of these, novice traders might find themselves lost in the complicated terminology.

For this reason, Chelsea Investments has created an education centre that is intended for beginners. In it, there are several categories. We would recommend consuming them in this order. First focus on the glossary and the asset index. This way, you will learn about basic trading terminology and how to use assets. Then you can move on to eBooks where you can learn more about the industry and the platform itself. Finally, if there are still some issues, you can explore the F.A.Q. page that holds everything you need.

Chelsea Investments Broker Review


Chelsea Investments has become famous for its custom-made trading platform that it developed from the ground up. It is completely web-based so that you can access it from anywhere as long as you have an active internet connection. This lightweight platform has become quite popular due to its performance, safety and overall stability. Many experienced traders might think that transitioning to this platform will prove to be cumbersome, but thanks to its intuitive design, getting used to it is a breeze.

The asset list is on the left side of the screen and you can locate the ones you need, or simply browse with ease. Each asset contains a small preview screen with vital information such as sell and buy price, as well as the overall performance change since the last session. Thanks to this, making quick adjustments to your portfolio is made possible. Once you select your desired asset, you can interact with it on the right in the real-time performance monitor. Here you can observe the past and present performance of any given asset and perform your own analyses thanks to many available tools. If you are used to platforms such as Meta Trader, you might find the list of tools lacking, but the essential ones are here. We imagine some of them had to be sacrificed in order to maintain platform stability and performance and we feel it was well worth it.

Chelsea Investments Broker Review


If you have any unresolved issue, you can easily solve it through one of many Chelsea Investments communication channels. You can write emails, contact call centres or interact with the quick chat feature. All of them are equally efficient, so it all comes down to your own preference. There is only one call centre (in Australia), so be sure to check the working hours. Phone operators are working Monday to Friday 08:00 – 12:00 GMT. Finally, we recommend interacting with the quick chat feature, as this channel proved to be surprisingly effective.


If you have ever traded before then you will know exactly what you are getting into. Chelsea Investments offers standard, bank-related solutions for funding your account. You can choose from credit and debit cards or bank wire transfers. While some will feel let down due to the absence of any crypto-related payment, at this time banks simply offer more security and stability, so we applaud this choice. Waiting times are on par with the rest of the industry and are mostly determined by your bank provider.


To sum up our Chelsea Investments review, there is much we liked and a few minor annoyances that ultimately failed to change our positive view of this brand. Is Chelsea Investments perfect? No. No broker ever is, but it has everything a trader needs regardless of their skill. Stability, performance and security are the three main pillars and thanks to them, this brokerage has remained relevant for years, and we do not see it changing in the foreseeable future. If you are considering online trading as a career path, then Chelsea Investments would be a good selection.

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