Blueprint Capital Broker Review

Blueprint Capital has built up a good reputation in the online trading community in the last couple of years. With rising competition on every corner, we need to re-examine this broker to determine whether they have been sitting on their loreals or are they still on top of their game. By the end of our Blueprint Capital review, we hope that you will get a comprehensive look into its pros and cons so that you can determine for yourself whether you should commit your time and money.

From the moment you get on their webpage for the first time, you will notice a theme that is present throughout your trading experience with Blueprint Capital. You get an impression of an experienced if slightly reserved broker that is not concerned about appealing to every trader out there but is rather picky about who it wants to attract. There are no lavishes promises of getting rich quickly, but just confident highlights of their best features. Now, let us carefully dissect everything Blueprint Capital has to offer.

Blueprint Capital Broker Review


The first thing we need to address with any brokerage is its accessibility. Not all traders have the same needs, ambitions, and budget, so it is always a good idea to diversify your offering so that traders of all levels can feel welcome. Blueprint Capital has created 4 distinct tiers, each with increasing perks. While other brokerages offer more tiers, there is good diversity between them, so that anyone can make a choice to suit their needs. Here is a more detailed analysis of each of them:

  • Basic

Some will argue that the demo account is missing, but we feel that the basic tier was created to accommodate those traders who wish to taste the platform and everything it has to offer before seriously committing. Here you can find everything you need to make that decision – full access to the platform that has more than 200 tradable assets, starting leverage of up to 100 and a market review to keep you well-informed about all the market news.

  • Silver

With a starting balance of €10,000 or more, you qualify for the silver tier. Here is what you will be receiving in turn: a dedicated senior account manager, improved spreads and leverage, welcome bonus funds, trade room analysis and monthly webinars. The account gives you enough educational resources to make better decisions and makes day-to-day activities easier thanks to your account manager.

  • Gold

If you feel even more ambitious, you can qualify for the Platinum account, which starts at €25,000. If you are asking yourself what could possibly warrant this price, don’t worry, the list is substantial, and it includes financial and risk management planning, trading signals, special venture promotions, weekly educational content, private analyst sessions and much more.

  • Platinum

This is the top of the range offering and is available for those with deposits of €100,000 or more. Everything we mentioned so far is present here with the addition of VIP lucrative events, prioritized withdrawal process, VIP spreads and leverages of up to 400. High volume traders will sure prefer this tier due to its long list of benefits.

Blueprint Capital Broker Review


Having a formal education in this line of work can be beneficial, but given how quickly everything evolves in this industry, constant self-improvement is a must for any successful trader. Blueprint Capital takes this concept to a whole new level by creating an education library intended for trading novices, as well as substantial content for those who just want to upgrade their current skills.

If you are just starting out, we recommend heading to the Education Central and familiarizing yourself with all the trading terminology, assets list and their availability. After that, you can start reading the available eBooks to master a variety of topics including beginner strategies all the way to advanced technical analysis.

You can start further improving your skills once you open an account with Blueprint Capital. Based on your chosen account type, you can enjoy some educational content in the form of webinars, daily reviews, trading signals, analyst sessions and much more. By constantly exposing yourself to these, you put yourself in a beneficial position to create an even better trading portfolio.

Blueprint Capital Broker Review


Blueprint Capital trading platform is a breath of fresh air. It was constructed from the ground up and is available on any platform given you have an active internet connection. This also pushes the accessibility agenda Blueprint Capital is so heavily focused on. Not only that you can access it from any device with an internet browser, but you can also enjoy a blazing fast performance that does not skip on the safety features.

The web-based platform is graced with a very intuitive and user-friendly design. You can easily locate anything you need in seconds. Anything from locating your favourite asset to interacting with it is very responsive and it gives you the freedom to efficiently build a dream portfolio in no time. While you could argue the platform is lacking some advanced analysis tools, we imagine this was a deliberate choice in order to preserve the overall smooth performance, and we feel it was a worthy trade-off.

Blueprint Capital Broker Review


If you are ever in need of assistance, you can rest assured that Blueprint Capital has created a strong support system, so that you can always count on a helping hand. There are several ways to interact with one of their representatives, and each proved to be equally efficient so, in the end, it boils down to your own preference. While there are standard email and call centres options, we have a lot of praise for the quick chat feature.

We have seen similar solutions in similar brokerages, so this hardly took our breath away at firsts. But, upon further inspection, we realised that it was much more useful than what we gave It credit for initially. Basically, it is not operated by AI, but a real person, which proved to be very efficient in solving our issues. While other forms of communication proved to be equally efficient, there was simply no beating the instant feedback that quick chat can provide.


If you ever traded online before, you will know exactly what you are getting into. Blueprint Capital does not try to re-invent the wheel in this department but rather relies on the true and tested methods. Deposits and withdrawals can both be made via your credit cards or bank wire transfers. There are no crypto-based funding options, so If you prefer using your eWallet, you will be out of luck. Waiting times are on par with the rest of the industry.


Blueprint Capital remains to remain relevant in 2021 by sticking with the winning formula. The combination of tech innovation and providing excellent support proved to resonate well with traders, so we understand fully the good reputation Blueprint Capital built over the years. With additional bi-lingual support arriving sometime next year, we can easily make the case of this being one of the best trading companies we ever encountered. If you are on the lookout for your next brokerage, then you should look no further.

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