Hybrid Reserve Broker Review

Hybrid Reserve was established back in 2018, but we still do not know much about this company. For example, if you want to check out where it is located, you will find some general information that will point you in a direction of a company called SingleBell LTD, which is located in St Vincent and Grenadines. However, learning more about it can be quite challenging considering that there isn’t any particularly useful information to go on from there.

For a company that has been present on the market for almost three years, we have to say that it doesn’t have a particularly well-established image to show off for it. The majority of the comments and experiences about it are quite disappointing and off-putting, not to mention the complete lack of accountability of the Hybrid Reserve’s team to acknowledge them. Do they even see these comments? Based on the fact that they aren’t doing anything to improve, it appears to us that they are not even trying.

The main point of conflict that has caught our eyes is the suspicious and unnecessary fees that this company charges, despite not listing the reason for it anywhere on its website. Also, the company seems to be changing a lot of its policies at a whim and without any warning to its clients, which is another proof of highly suspicious business practice. In the Hybrid Reserve review, we will show you exactly how this company does it.


Right off the bat, we have to express our disappointment that this company is not able to provide the most basic information about its account types. How are the clients supposed to decide on trading with it in any form, if they do not know the basic requirements for it? This is really not a good way to start with anyone, especially new potential clients who are looking for something that will help them start off their successful and promising trading careers. How Hybrid Reserve is even able to maintain any group of clients is beyond us. Aside from the “Open Account” button, there isn’t anything else you can find in this section at all.

Hybrid Reserve Broker Review


The educational section is severely lacking a lot of important information, similarly to the previous one about the account types. There isn’t any material in the form of articles. They are necessary not only because they keep you updated, but also because they are able to help you revise your knowledge about the topics of trading. This will set you back so many steps compared to the clients who are trading with other, reputable brokers in the industry.

In trading, especially Forex trading, it is imperative to always keep up with the latest developments. Things are moving so fast, and it is impossible to stay updated with all of these changes if your broker company did not provide the basic tools to do so. This is the main reason why so many brokers choose to regularly update this section and pay special attention to it. Hybrid Reserve, however, is clearly not one of them. Aside from the lack of free content, we couldn’t find any basic pointers such as how to use the website or the trading platform, which is the minimum effort this company should have made in the first place.


The good thing that we have to emphasize here is the fact that you are actually able to visit the trading platform and see it in its full glory before you open an account with Hybrid Reserve. If you’ve checked out the previous sections, you will understand why we are so excited about this. However, it is still a decent and fairly minimal thing for a website to provide. You get the idea about how this company does things.

However, we were disappointed (again) to learn that the clients are not able to download this platform in any form. There is only a web-based option available, which does not provide a lot of features and benefits to clients, no matter how well designed it may be. It is still not available for any desktop or mobile devices as a download feature, which is not a good thing in our book.

Hybrid Reserve Broker Review

Other than that, the platform is quite basic when it comes to design and outlook. This makes it easier to use, but as you go along you will learn that there aren’t a lot of things to apply here that will help you build your trading strategy. There is a clear lack of trading tools and signals, so if you aren’t familiar with ways of reading and analyzing the market performance through the trading platform, you won’t be able to apply much of it to improve your trading skills and portfolio.

The good news is that the platform loads instantly and without any delays, which is to be expected considering that there aren’t a lot of features here that would weigh it and slow it down. Still, the overall outlook is not appealing, considering that the majority of the features are displayed in small sections, so you will have some trouble finding what you need. This is quite contradictory, considering that you need to be on top of things at all times since they are moving so fast on the market, right?

Lastly, we should talk a bit about the tradeable assets that are available at this company. There aren’t a lot of sections here, with just a few basic stocks and currency pairs. We sincerely hope, for the sake of the clients, that Hybrid Reserve will introduce some more diverse tools in the future. But, based on what we’ve seen so far, this is highly unlikely.


In this section, the company kind of shows that the clients were more than right to call Hybrid Reserve out for its many infractions. Based on the review of the customer support section of this company, it is evident to us that Hybrid Reserve’s team is not interested in helping its clients resolve any issues that may be experiencing. And based on the previous sections, there are more than a few of those to go around.

Hybrid Reserve Broker Review

This section also severely lacks consistency, because they claim a lot of things, but the reality is quite the opposite. For example, when you visit this section you will learn that there are three main ways to reach out to their customer support agents – online form, phone number, and e-mail address. However, the reality is quite different, which is not a good look for Hybrid Reserve. The agents are said to be available 24 hours a day 5 days a week, but we had a lot of trouble reaching out to them and actually receiving a timely and relevant response. The e-mail option works similarly, with delayed answers at best. In the majority of the time, however, the response will not be present at all.


At a first glance, things seem to be working pretty standard with this company when it comes to its funding section. The deposits are processed instantly, which is convenient considering that they want you to spend your money right away. However, things go a bit differently when it comes to withdrawals, which is why there are so many complaints about it here, as well.

Namely, the minimum requirement for a withdrawal is $100, which is not unusual. However, there is also a requirement when it comes to reaching a turnover, which will only then allow you to withdraw. This turnover is based on the amount and value of all deposits you’ve previously made to your account. This basically means that you won’t be able to ever withdraw your money, unless there is something in it for the company, too. This is not a good business practice at all, in case you were wondering.

Hybrid Reserve Broker Review

Also, there is a time requirement for making any kind of withdrawal, too. Namely, you can make a withdrawal only if there’s been a month since making the last deposit. So, you will have to wait quite a while to do so, if you are ready to make that kind of commitment. Another thing you should keep in mind that credit card withdrawals are free from all charges. However, the bank wire transfer option comes with a $25 fee no matter which amount you choose to pull from your account, which is quite suspicious and a big fee for a simple transaction.

Lastly, you will have to wait quite a while for the company to even notice this request before processing it. The entire process will last around three weeks in total, give or take. Who has that kind of time? We are guessing that this is the idea that Hybrid Reserve had in the first place when they decided to complicate this way – for you to give up on withdrawing your money at all.

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