A Investments Broker Review

A Investments is a broker company that was established about 4 years ago, in 2017. Back then, so many new brands tried to grab their own piece of the spotlight. The new regulations made it easier for individuals and companies to set up an online brokerage, making it easier and more efficient for everyone involved to get in on the action. The industry was designed to be inclusive and welcoming to all, which is how many of these brands came to be. However, considering that there are a lot of things missing, not to mention that there are also a lot of breaches that are considered unacceptable today.

We stumbled upon this name because of a lot of backlash that the A Investments team has received over the years. Especially in the past couple of months, the company seems to be taking longer than usual to respond to clients’ queries, not to mention process their transactions. This is unacceptable in our book, and one of the many reasons why we would suggest steering clear of A Investments entirely.

A Investments Broker Review

To top it all off, this broker company is unregulated. Despite having more than enough time in over 4 years to acquire one, A Investments didn’t seem to bother to do so. This draws a lot of grave consequences for you as a potential client, which is why we are emphasizing this fact. For starters, there is a lack of accountability on their part if anything goes wrong. From poor business practices to missing withdrawals and slow deposits, this company seems to be doing everything wrong. And the worst part is, you can’t even get help from a regulatory or a governmental body, because there is no one to turn to if the company is unregulated. That’s how the cycle goes on and on, and the clients are left to suffer. In this A Investments review, we will show you how to recognize and avoid these types of companies.


At this company, you can find no less than 4 account types. Each one gives you something different to rely on while building your winning trading strategy. To start small, you can deposit $250 for a Standard account. With it, you will have access to the full trading platform and all its features, as well as a demo account. This way, you can learn your way around the market before investing any real money. Also, you will receive daily market tips and news in your inbox, just so you can be updated with the latest about the market and its upcoming events.

The Premium account follows, and it gives you a variety of educational material and trading signals such as eBooks and video tutorials. Also, this account type comes with an account manager who is there to help you out in case you get stuck. This account type requires a minimum deposit of $1.000.  Next, we have the Platinum account, which takes things up a notch. And there is no surprise to it, considering that there is a $5.000 minimum deposit requirement. Namely, here you can have access to full support from the A Investments agents immediately, as well as some bonuses and promotions for your account in terms of transactions.

A Investments Broker Review

The last one is the VIP account, and it can be yours if you deposit $20.000. This is quite a big commitment, and not a lot of clients would opt to make it. Not to mention that there isn’t a lot you can learn about its abilities and features before you sign up for it, which kind of takes away the whole point.


Although the website lists a rich offering of educational material with different account types, the reality is a bit different when you really dig deeper here. The only useful thing we found under the education tab is the Glossary, but this is not unusual. Every website should have it, especially if it wants to attract new clients. This way, it seems to us that A Investments aims for you to be a pro trader, but does not invest their skills or time to help you become one. That’s a real shame.

We are disappointed to say that A Investments is not a place to improve your trading skills and knowledge. Aside from a few video tutorials here and there, there is not much to go for here. The only solution we can think of is to find assistance elsewhere, which kind of takes away the whole point of the website. We hope that A Investments will try and improve this in the future since there is definitely room for this kind of advancement.


The trading platform is a part of the website where you will spend most of your time, that is a given. So, what does a good trading platform represent and include? First, the loading times should be brief, and the overall outlook should be appealing. Next, you should be able to access it in no time and on any device. When it comes to the A Investments trading platform, this goal is only partially satisfied, if we could even call it that.

Namely, the trading platform at this company is web-based, which makes you wait a bit longer than usual to access it. Also, there isn’t a lot of tradeable assets you can find here, which is a huge disappointment to us. With a handful of CFDs and only a few cryptocurrencies, we are not sure what this company is aiming to achieve. The diversity and the inclusivity are not evident here and seem to be missing the more we go deeper into investigating A Investments.

A Investments Broker Review

Also, we should mention that you need to keep in mind that A Investments does not offer you access to the trading platform at all unless you sign up for an account first. This is quite demanding and a bit misleading, considering that you have to check out the goods before you decide to buy them, right? A Investments requires a commitment from you right away, but it does not offer much in return, which is disappointing.

Also, we should mention that the web-based option is the only one that is available at this company. It is also not suitable for mobile devices, even though the site claims differently. Overall, A Investments seems to be full of promises but fails to deliver on most of them.


The Contact center at this company is lacking transparency and efficiency. This was evident to us by the comments we found online by the scorned former clients, but we also decided to check that out for ourselves. What we found is the Frequently Asked Questions page, which seems to be the only relevant source of information. And though this section is filled with useful info and data, it still isn’t enough when you need immediate assistance from an actual human being.

A Investments Broker Review

The live chat option seems to be present on the website, but we didn’t get any response when we sent a query there. Also, the email option is not good either, with over 3 days wait for a reply. This is where the live chat option would usually come in handy, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at A Investments. Overall, this section might just be the poorest one we’ve seen yet, and that says a lot.


The funding process at this company is quite a hassle. This should not be happening, especially with deposits, which usually take only a few minutes to be processed and available on your account. However, here you will have to print out a form for making a deposit, fill it out, then send it to their email address. And as we mentioned in the previous section, their team does not seem to be available for replies. When we talk about the withdrawals, you have to verify your account again and again before submitting the request each time. Otherwise, it will be denied. We understand that this is important for safety reasons, but it also represents an unnecessary obstacle without which the entire process would go a lot smoother.

The processing times are another concerning thing to us. Namely, the deposits require around 5 business days to process, and that is if you’ve done everything perfectly on the first try. However, in case that you didn’t, you will have to wait up to 3 weeks! This is unacceptable. It seems to us that A Investments requires perfection from its clients, but does not return the favor. And that’s not all! After your request was approved, you will have to wait additional 10 days to actually receive money from your account. This is quite a big wait – more than you would have to wait for your salary! This is really unnecessary, and a sign of poor practice on the company’s part.

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