365 Trading FX Broker Review

If you are a trader who is seeking a new beginning and a change, 365 Trading FX might be the right place for a fresh start. The first thing you have to know about this broker is that it has excellent reviews on the Internet. Many satisfied clients left comments about their experience and that’s something that gained our attention. If different people keep recommending something that much, it’s certain we can expect to see good things.

365 Trading FX is created by a team of professionals. Needless to say, that fact is always an additional plus, but it doesn’t necessarily mean things will be excellent. That is something we will see in the rest of this review, once we go through every segment of the business.

The main idea behind this broker is to provide services to everyone. Every Forex enthusiast will gain enough attention and guidance that can help once you are making a decision. So, if you are into excellent trading conditions, safe platforms and constant support, we believe that we found the right place for you.

Here, you can trade Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, and Currencies. All of this is available no matter the account which means you can have a full portfolio in one place. The selection is excellent, there are over 200 tradable assets and we are certain you will find something that suits your taste.

365 Trading FX Broker Review


The one thing each broker has to know is that it’s important to provide clients with diversity in any segment. Especially account types. The last thing we want to see is one or two accounts. If a broker wants to pass the test, it has to offer at least four different account types, that will cover every level of experience.

Apparently, people from 365 Trading FX understand that and that’s why we have Basic, Silver, Gold and Platinum accounts. Each one of them offers different conditions, but the main thing is the minimum deposit requirement that goes from 250 EUR to 100,000 EUR.

As we already said, you will get the same amount of tradable assets in every account. If you go with the Basic one, you will also receive a market review and significant leverage up to 1:100. If you are a beginner, there is nothing more you need for a perfect start.

If, on the other hand, you want to get more things, that will await you at some of the higher accounts. For example, Silver one offers dedicated senior account managers, bonus funds, leverage up to 1:200, financial planning, risk management planning, monthly webinars, and special venture promotions. With Gold one, you will have to deposit 25,000 EUR but in return, you can enjoy platinum spreads, trading signals, weekly webinars, private analyst sessions, etc. Lastly, there is a Platinum account with the highest minimum deposit requirement (100,000 EUR) and it offers VIP spreads, leverage up to 1:400, complete access to trade room analysis and webinars, as well as level one prioritized withdrawal process.

This is even more than we expected, and we have to say, this 365 Trading FX review started excellently. Clients have a diversity of account types, conditions are good and that’s all we could ask for. So, it’s time to see what kind of education this broker offers since most of these accounts offer private analyst sessions and webinars.

365 Trading FX Broker Review


After all those good trading conditions, it’s time to see if clients have the possibility to learn something new and improve their skills or not. The first thing we can tell is that each person can get some level of education here. For unregistered users, this broker prepared an education centre that contains eBooks, Glossary, Asset Index and Frequently Asked Questions page that will help you with the basic concerns. So, if you do not have an account but you are ready to learn, here you will have everything from trading and capital management to basic things like how to trade CFDs and how to create a perfect strategy.

We were excited to see this part but we are even more excited to say that each registered client gets additional educational material through different webinars and personalised sessions. With this broker, you will be able to improve the skills you already have and gain new knowledge that can help you in the future.

This is how a broker shows that it respects its clients and apparently 365 Trading FX did an excellent job.

365 Trading FX Broker Review


So far, we are satisfied with everything we saw when it comes to 365 Trading FX and the way this broker runs its business. But, it’s time to see all about top-notch technology that’s promised on the landing page.

The first thing that was a big surprise is the fact this broker chose not to implement MetaTrader. Instead, we have a unique web-based platform that offers incredible tools. The platform is available on the website and there is no need to download anything. It can save you a lot of time and we appreciate that because oftentimes we simply don’t want to install different apps just to be able to trade.

The platform is optimised and responsive. You can use it on every device and it works without any interruption. At the first glance, it might seem a bit complicated, but don’t worry, it’s not at all. If you are not sure whether you will be able to navigate through it or not, simply access it before you even open an account. This is a transparent broker that allows you to see every detail before you choose it.

The design of the platform is simple and divided into three categories. The left one contains every detail about the account (button for deposit, withdrawal, customer support, etc.) and if you want to manage your account, there is no need to leave the trading platform page.

In the middle, you can see all the available tradable assets. You can choose the category and arrange them as you prefer. Lastly, we have a third part that will appear once you select the desired asset. On the left side of the screen, you will see a fully customisable chart. You can adjust it according to your preferences and change it completely. This is not an option you can find everywhere and that’s what put 365 Trading FX on the top of our Forex brokers list.

365 Trading FX Broker Review


When it comes to customer support, all we ask for is responsiveness, politeness and well-educated agents. If that is fulfilled, we can tell that a broker will be there to provide you with a proper answer always.

In this case, customer support is available five days a week (Monday to Friday 04:30 – 13:00 GMT). There are four different contact methods and that’s enough for now. You can call them on the phone to talk to someone directly or send a message on Live Chat, online form, and email. Either way, you will receive the fast answer, so simply choose the method that suits your personality the best.

To complete the review about support, we decided to use Live Chat and contact them. The only thing we needed to know is a bit more details about funding, so that’s what we asked. One of the customer representatives joined the chat very fast and we discussed it for a little bit. Overall, our experience is nothing but positive because that representative was polite the whole time. He knew the answers to every question we had and if you run into any problem while trading here, someone will be there to help you and find a solution. That’s the thing we appreciate and the reason we can give a straight A to the 365 Trading FX customer support.

365 Trading FX Broker Review


Whether we are talking about deposits or withdrawals, every funding process goes smoothly here. There is an option to use a Credit Card, Bank Wire, or eWallet and there is only one requirement, to use the same method for both deposits and withdrawals.

The processing time depends on different factors but in most cases, it’s from five to seven business days. Of course, if you have a higher account, things will be much faster due to the prioritized withdrawal level and there is a chance to receive the money within one day.


Well, you really don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that 365 Trading FX offers impressive education and responsive customer support. That said, we cannot find a single reason to skip trading here.

So, if you want to open an account, the process is quite easy and you will be able to do it all by yourself in just a few steps. If you ask us, this is a broker that we can highly suggest for everyone who wants a secure place with great conditions.

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