Infinity Capital Broker Review

Starting your trading career in 2021 might seem appealing due to all the geopolitical things happenings across the world. More and more people are searching for alternative and more safe ways of increasing their income. This is why we witnessed a big boom in the online trading industry in the past year. Infinity Capital is one of many brokerages competing for new clients’ trust.

They haven’t been around for a long time, so their pitch might seem like a hard sell to many at first. However, upon further inspection, Infinity Capital offers a good mix of accessibility for beginners and advanced options for experienced traders. Unorthodox choice of the trading platform might turn off many traders right from the start. We were sceptical, but upon in-depth testing, we were pleasantly surprised with what we discovered. Continue reading our Infinity Capital review to find out if they are worthy of your time and money.

Infinity Capital Broker Review


We tend to start our reviews by looking at how each brokerage decides to approach accessibility. While there is no DEMO account available, there is a basic account tier that practically unlocks every trading tool. The entry fee is on par with pretty much every other broker out there. There are three additional tiers that each come with their own perks. At the top, there is the Platinum account. Even with a steep deposit requirement, it will be worth it for the most dedicated traders. Below is a detailed breakdown of all account types with their perks.

  • Basic

The Basic account is a replacement for a typical demo account. For €250 you get access to all trade features. You can build your portfolio with more than 200 tradable assets. At this stage, your leverage is up to 100. In order to make thing easier, you also receive daily market reviews, that help you keep up to date with all market events.

  • Silver

If you are an experienced trader, you might want to skip the first step altogether. With the Silver account, you gain much more perks, which is to be expected for deposits of €10,000 or more. A big help is a dedicated senior account manager. This is a quality of life improvement that will help you spend more time on actual trading rather than managing your account. You also receive bonus funds and special venture promotion.

  • Gold

One step higher is the Gold account. Asking price is €25,000+. At this stage, both leverage and spreads receive a massive boost. Trading signals are there to help you react better to all market events. You can also access risk management and financial planning to increase your understanding of some trading fundaments. Weekly webinars are there to help you refresh and expand your knowledge.

  • Platinum

This is as good as it gets at Infinity Capital. You would expect as much for €100,000. Luckily the conditions make swallowing this price easier. Trade room analysis, Lucrative VIP events private analyst sessions, prioritized withdrawal process, are some of the key perks you get along with everything we noted thus far. In our opinion, if you are anything but a top range trader with years of experience, you have no business here, but in the end, it is up to you. This is why we like Infinity Capital – you are given the chance to customize your trading experience from the get-go based on your needs, ambitions and budget.

Infinity Capital Broker Review


Trader education is vital for all participants on the market. On the one hand, traders get a better understanding of how the market works and have the power to make better-informed decisions. On the other hand, by providing their clients with ample educational material, brokerages are proving they care about their clients, and are in this for the long run. Infinity Capital has designed a pretty admirable education centre in order to attract as many traders and thus earn their trust. This is a smart move on behalf of a brokerage without a big pedigree. The smartest thing they did is the segregation of this content. While there is plenty to love at all levels of account tiers, there is an abundance of material for free. You don’t even need to make an account to start learning at Infinity Capital.

Depending on your current level, there are different sections that you can begin with. For complete beginners, we recommend the glossary and the eBooks section. The Glossary is a comprehensive list of all trading terminology with a clear and concise translation on how and when you will be facing it in your day-to-day trading. Once you master these fundamentals, you can up your game by going through the available eBooks. There is a wide variety of topics that range from fundamentals to the more advanced trading strategies. Despite being suited more for intermediate users, beginners will find it easy to navigate this section as well because of the masterful way of was all written.

Infinity Capital Broker Review

When you do decide to commit and open an account, a whole new world of content opens up. These materials, however, are clearly aimed at more advanced users. Content such as daily market reviews, trading signals, financial and risk management planning, webinars and private analyst sessions are there to help you upgrade your trading game to the new level by incorporating true-and-tested market strategies.



Infinity Capital has made an interesting choice when it comes to their trading platform. This is a very controversial move, and its impact is yet to be determined. We are not trying to downsize the choice to build everything from scratch, we are just curious how quickly will the public adapt to this brave decision. The best way to answer that would be to directly address the new platform and all its features.

This is a web-based platform that foregoes all the industry standards such as Meta Trader. MT4 and MT5 platforms have been around for a while for a reason. They have gathered a community of followers around their idea of the tools-heavy approach to trading. This approach is far from perfect though. The sheer number of these tools can often overload the entire system, thus making it lag.

Infinity Capital has put a large emphasis on performance. Because of this, some compromises had to be made. While you still can access a ton of tools, you will not find as many as with MT4, but everything you do will be lighting fast. In an industry that moves along at a rapid pace, having the ability to quickly react and adapt to new market conditions Is very important in our opinion. For this very reason, we believe that Infinity Capital approach made a step in the right direction and that traders will react positively to this innovation.

Infinity Capital Broker Review

Beginners will delight in the fact that navigating the platform is effortless. This light-weight approach meant that designers could put everything a trader needs right in front of them, thus enabling them to stay in that mindset for a longer time. All assets are presented clearly, by category and with a little preview screen that gives you all the information you need. The majority of the screen is reserved for the interactable real-time performance monitor. Here you will be able to do your analysis and upgrade your portfolio and trading strategy.




If you are even in need of help, you will be happy to know that Infinity Capital has one of the best support systems out there. The thing we liked the most was the number of available communication channels.  Phone lines are up Monday to Friday 09:00 – 13:00 GMT and the chat is available Monday to Friday 07:00 – 14:00 GMT. You can communicate in English or German, so it is up to your own preference. Regardless of which method you choose, all Infinity Capital representatives seem professional and polite, so you should have no issues.



Infinity Capital is safe. This is the biggest outtake we have upon observing their funding methods and trading with them. All the traditional means are supported. If you have an eWallet, you will want to use this option because Bitcoin transfer has proven to be the most effective way of transferring your money. If you feel more comfortable with a bank-based method, you can alternatively use credit cards or wire transfers. Be aware that these could produce a slightly longer waiting time, but this proved to be true only for certain banks.

Infinity Capital Broker Review


Experiencing everything Infinity Capital has to offer has been a surprisingly good experience for us. The platform choice will make some people doubtful, but we can assure you this decision is a good one. Its overall performance will satisfy both the beginners and expert traders alike. Low entry barrier should be enough for most to give Infinity Capital a chance to figure out whether they are worthy of your time and money.

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