The Investment Center Broker Review 2021

The Investment Center is definitely one of those companies to watch on the trading market in the past couple of months. With over 2 decades of experience in the trading industry, this company is one of the most professional ones in the business. Its modern standards and top-level solutions are what make it stand out, but that is only half of the story. The company is mainly focusing on providing CFD and Forex trading services but has lately jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon as well. Still, you can find over 200 tradeable assets in total on the page, which is something to admire. And while other broker companies seem to be falling behind amid all these innovations happening on the market, the Investment Center is one of the rare ones that are actually able to keep up. This company is definitely standing the test of time and encouraging other broker companies to try and do the same!

The Investment Center Broker Review 2021

During the past year, the company has undergone some redesign and introduced improved features on most of it operation. As a result, the functionality of the website is even greater, with the overall emotion and sense of stability and excitement at the same time. The changes aren’t only visual – the company is also improving its features when it comes to processing your information and transactions, as well as cutting unnecessary fees for your greater trading experience. In this Investment Center review, we will cover all of these benefits in detail, so keep reading!


As we mentioned already, this company is far from a newcomer on the trading market. It was established back in 2001 and has since been able to acquire quite an admirable reputation among its clients. It is based in the United Kingdom, which is a top spot when it comes to strict regulatory rules and guidelines for the entire trading community. These rules are created mostly for your sake – they prevent the companies from abusing your information, funds, and most importantly – your trust. In case that any of the trading companies fail to implement and follow these guidelines, the fines will be quite harsh. They can even result in revoking the company’s license, and no one wants to risk something like that! So, it is in everyone’s best interest to follow through with their promises and don’t try anything shady!

When you visit the company’s website, you will notice how dedicated this company is to make your trading experience the best one yet. The information is organized well so you don’t have to fear losing your track. Also, there are no hidden or unexpected details that are lurking in the corners – this company is quite open and straight forward. Overall, the Investment Center seems like a pretty great place to be so far.


The Investment Center has been dedicating a lot of its attention and resources lately to create a solid selection of account types that will be able to satisfy different preferences, needs, and budgets. Because no one wants to spend several thousands of dollars on their first try, right? So, that’s why the company has created a selection of 5 account packages in total, that are aimed to suit your trading needs to the smallest detail. The first one is the Silver account. If you want to trade with it, you will have to deposit at least $250. With it, you can trade with the entire selection of over 200 assets, as well as have access to market reviews that can help you enhance your trading knowledge of the current financial events.

The Investment Center Broker Review 2021

The coolest thing about this account type is that you will grow out of it quite fast – and then you can have the opportunity to switch to a better one called the Gold account. With this one, you can access the advanced educational materials and other trading tools and signals that can help you adjust your strategy to fit the evolving market environment. The Platinum account is created with even more detail in mind – such as your own personal account manager and advanced tools in hand such as financial planning, risk management, and so on – all done by the professionals at the Investment Center. Pretty great deal, huh? And if you like the sound of that, you will adore the VIP account, which is the last one in the company’s account selection. It is invitation-only, which makes it reserved for the most trusted clients who have been present with the company for quite a while.


The educational resources that you can find with any broker company really show how dedicated the company is to providing you the best experience on the market. Not to mention that going the extra mile this way can help you improve your trading skills much easier and faster than you would if you haven’t had them at your disposal. So, what can you find in the educational section of the Investment Center?

First, you can enjoy the many information found in the Investment Center’s eBooks. Here, you can find lessons on different parts of the trading market that are design specifically to fit different stages and levels of education and trading proficiency. Next, the Glossary is a handy tool that everyone should have at their disposal. It contains a variety of trading terms that are a part of the market lingo, so you should definitely brush up on your knowledge of this area! Lastly, the Asset Index is a useful tool created by the Investment Center’s team of professionals. It contains specific details about the trading hours and other requirements for each asset available on the trading platform at this company.


Speaking of the Investment Center’s trading platform, let’s check it out a bit more closely, shall we? The trading platform at this company is not MT4 or MT5 – their designers actually took their time and knowledge to create a unique proprietary one, instead! What does this mean for you, exactly? Well, it means that you can adjust and customize your trading experience to fit your preferences perfectly! You do not have to lose your way while trying to figure out how a generic platform works – at the Investment Center, the platform will adjust to you, not the other way around!

The Investment Center Broker Review 2021

Overall, the platform is quite intuitive and it basically does all your job for you – it shows you the real-time market performance for each of the tradeable assets, as well as trading conditions such as leverage, spreads and other crucial details you should rely on during your trading. Also, we should mention the security of your trading, which is one of the top priorities at this company. Your transactions and all moves on the platform are encrypted and protected with different firewalls, so you won’t have to worry about any malicious activities.


Let’s talk a little bit about the customer support team at the Investment Center. Their agents are quite friendly and patient no matter how many questions you through at them, which is always a good sign. Also, they are available 6 days a week, which is an improvement compared to the majority of other companies on the market. Also, you should note that you can always reach them by using the live chat option on the home page of the website. The email response is a bit delayed, so you will have to be patient here. Lastly, the telephone number option is also a good idea, but only for the clients calling from Australia, Canada, or the United Kingdom.

The Investment Center Broker Review 2021


The process of funding your account here is quite simple, and it includes several payment methods. The first one is Bitcoin, and it is often the easiest choice for most clients since it is able to process all your requests tied to transactions instantly. Also, there is the bank wire transfer option, but you should note that it takes the longest to process – around 3 to 5 business days. You can also use credit and debit cards, and their processing times depend on the type of your card, as well as your bank’s policy on this section. Also, you should know that there are no additional fees or hidden costs you should worry about – the Investment Center has made sure of that.

The Investment Center Broker Review 2021


The Investment Center is a trading company that has definitely succeeded to attract our attention, and we mean that in the best possible way. Their operations go smoothly and impeccably, while the trading platform is up to the highest industry standards. Your safety during trading is the number one priority for the company, which is great to see. We can wholeheartedly recommend trading with this company, no matter if you are trading for the first time or you have some previous experience in the area of trading on the global financial markets.

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