Aussie Trust Review | Should You Trade With This Broker


AussieTrust has quickly become one of the most appealing and wanted trading companies in the Southern continent. The name suggests the main value that the company is striving for, which is trustworthiness and reliability. It seems to be working since the company is one of the most popular ones when it comes to trading stockscurrency pairs and other assets. We have created this AussieTrust review to show you just how good they are at their job.

The Australian market is considered as one of the harshest ones when it comes to trading regulation. Though this keeps the companies on the edge, you should consider it a huge advantage. Namely, this means that the companies that you are putting your trust in while trading are up to the highest of industry standards. For the same reason, there aren’t many companies you can find today that are providing trading activities in Australia. AussieTrust is one of the few that are able to proudly say they are managing to follow through with their promises.


One of the clearest signals of the company’s dedication towards your safety and the ability to trade without worries or obstacles is the fact that they provide top-level protection. AussieTrust regularly improves and updates its firewalls and the SSL encryption, which is considered as one of the best in the online industry. As a result, you have at your disposal a safe and reliable platform to realize your trading dreams.


Considering that there are many types of trading activities, it goes without saying that there are that much more different types of traders out there in the world. AussieTrust strives towards inclusivity, which is why they created as many account types as possible for their clients. Whichever one you choose, you are certain to find your rightful place in the AussieTrust family. However, if you change your mind at any point and wish for more perks, that’s great! You can easily scroll between the account packages and check out each one by depositing more money into your account.


As a result of that effort, you can choose among 4 different account types on the AussieTrust platform. We will explain briefly how each one is beneficial for your trading, but don’t trust us! See that for yourself.

The first type of account that we see is the silver account, which is basic at the platform. It can be yours after you deposit the minimum of $250, and from then on you will have the access to over 200 different tradeable assets. The leverage comes at up to 100, which is way above the industry average.

The next one is the gold account, which you can have after depositing $10.000. With this account, you will also get the direct contact line to your account manager, who will guide you through your trading journey and make sure your needs are met.

With the platinum account, you will have the option to trade with up to 300 worth of spread, as well as receive daily market updates and indulge into alluring bonuses with each trading opportunity.

Lastly, we have to mention the VIP account, which is invitation only, but it is definitely worth the trouble. This account type is invitation only, so you know that only the best and the most loyal clients will get the opportunity to trade with it. Do you wish to be one of them?


Education is the key factor of progress and achievement in any type of activity in life. This is especially applicable to trading, and AussieTrust has made sure to provide you with the widest variety of educational trading instruments to boost your knowledge of the market.

Within the AussieTrust Educational section, you can find the latest news and updates on the events and movements in the financial world, which are quite important since they can greatly affect your trading.

Next, you can enjoy scrolling through the eBooks which you can also download onto any device and take them with you. There are different levels of knowledge here, from the basic terms to the advanced market analysis. So, something for everyone!

Lastly, the AussieTrust team has also provided an Asset Index page. Here, you can learn more about the trading hours and trading conditions of each of the 200 tradeable assets.


The trading platform is the pride and joy of each trading company. It is the most important thing that each client will remember, and the one that will ultimately help them decide if they should even trade here. AussieTrust is aware of that, which is why they created quite an efficient and user-friendly. It is also customizable to each device and has different themes to choose from that will perfectly appeal to your eyes.


Here you can trade over 200 assets, and you can find them listed and divided into different sections such as forexcommoditiesstocks and more. But, that’s only the beginning. When you click on each one, you will see a handy list that shows which assets are available within each section, as well as their current buy and sell value. On the right, you can also assess the asset’s performance on a chart that shows the rise and drop of the value for the past couple of months.


AussieTrust has a quite handy and knowledgeable customer support team. You can contact them through the e-mail or by filling out the online form. Both of these tools are quite similar, and you can use them to explain in detail what your issue or question is.

Also, if you wish to speak directly with an agent you can contact them by using the provided telephone number. The waiting times are quite brief, and the agents will make sure that you feel valued through the entire interaction.


The process of funding your account is as easy and quick. After all, you would want that from such a high-tech trading company. For this purpose, you can use the credit and debit cards as the payment methods. There is also the bank wire transfer option. These are more traditional and reliable forms of payment, so many clients tend to use those most of the time. The processing times for your withdrawal request can vary and depend on your bank’s policy. So, you should get informed through them as well before you begin.



As you can see, we could not find anything that would bother us when it comes to AussieTrust trading platform. They are obviously reliable and dedicated to their clients, and we give them props for that! Considering how strict the Aussie market really is, it is quite admirable that the company is standing with many years of experience behind it.

AussieTrust is a company we are definitely recommending to the Australian clients. Especially if you wish to trade with the latest stocks, currencies, and other types of tradable assets. Check out their website to find out more. See for yourself what makes this company so special and their platform so appealing to many.

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