Is Coins Hype the Perfect Choice?

Coins Hype Review


Coins Hype is a crypto exchange that is owned and operated by Mormarkets Pty LTD, a company registered in Australia. We are talking about a legitimate exchange that offers buying and selling of Bitcoins (BTC) and Ethereum (ETC), for now.

They offer safe, simple and secure transactions in an instant manner, so let’s see if Coins Hype crypto exchange is worth your time.

Account Types

When you register at Coins Hype crypto exchange, the first thing you will notice is that there are no account types. You open an account, add the necessary information and that’s it, you are ready to buy crypto.

This is an easy process that doesn’t require a lot of time. The only thing you need to prepare are some documents. There is a KYC Process section since Coins Hype Australia is a legitimate exchange, so you will have to send them government-issued identification, proof of address, credit/debit card and a selfie with your ID. Once they receive all of that they will verify your account.



The crypto world can offer you a lot of incredible things. But, none of those things can happen if you stop educating yourself. Learning is an important process when it comes to trading and each broker or crypto exchange platform knows that.

Well, they know in theory but in practice things are different. Oftentimes, this section is completely forgotten and the website you choose doesn’t provide any educational material. That said, let’s see if Coins Hype Australia will continue with the good work and keep surprising us in a positive manner.

Coins Hype provides different learning materials for each client. If you register at their website, you will be able to read about cryptocurrency, why you should trade Bitcoins and many more. But, that’s not all. They gave us detailed explanations on how to use their exchange and trade Bitcoins and Ethereum. So, if anything looks difficult to you, there is a step by step guide.


Aside from that, I have to mention the Frequently Asked Questions page. Something we all tend to forget. This is a place that provides answers on some specific questions like where to get an e-wallet, what is Bitcoin, what is Ethereum, etc.

They took this part seriously and provided enough material for clients and I am pleased to see that.


The website they offer is simple but it has everything traders need. Most importantly, you can use it on every device. The website and platform are optimised, so it doesn’t matter whether you trade on a computer or mobile device.

The platform is simple and it is on the front page. It has two tabs, one is for buying and one for selling cryptocurrencies. It works fast, without any interruptions and if you switch between tabs they will load instantly.


The only thing they do not provide is an e-wallet. You will have to choose another place to get it if you already don’t have one. But the great thing is that you have the freedom to choose the place. They will transfer funds to any wallet, no matter whether you open it on online websites or some other exchange.


Without proper customer support, crypto exchanges wouldn’t be complete at all. We can say this for every website, not just crypto exchanges, but since your money is involved here, they need to be extra careful when providing support.

Let me tell you what are the things I consider an absolute must when it comes to this part. First of all, they have to provide different methods so clients can choose how they want to contact them. Second, customer representatives need to be polite and educated. This is the only way to avoid generic answers and work on the problem solving instantly. Lastly, I expect a responsive service that will give me a reply as soon as possible, without delays. So, now that you know my three main expectations, let’s see if Coins Hype Australia fulfils them.

coinshype review

They have four different methods. You can choose between email, online form, phone call and Live Chat. So, the first requirement is fulfilled. When it comes to the second and third requirement, I decided to test the Live Chat option. It is in the bottom corner on the screen and you simply enter your email address and name, that’s it. Their customer representative was more than polite, they helped me with my questions, gave straightforward answers and replies within minutes. So, I can say my expectations are fulfilled.

There is one thing I should point out. If something is urgent, call them on the phone. Sometimes, they need four business days to reply on email (depending on the type of your request) and if you want an answer immediately, call them. I love how they made that clear from the beginning.



As I already told, Coins Hype does not provide e-wallets in their exchange. So, before you start trading, you need to make a Bitcoin/Ethereum wallet somewhere. Later on, you will connect it to your account and receive money from your transactions.

The funding process is completely simplified here. Even if you are just stepping into the crypto world, you will be able to make purchases all by yourself. There are two funding methods (BPAY,POLi and Wire Transfers) and you choose the one you prefer at the beginning. Available currencies are USD, EUR and AUD.

When you choose everything, there is one additional step — identity verification. Yes, you already did that at the very beginning, but you will have to send them those documents again. This will make the funding process slower, but it keeps your money safe and that is always a priority. Once they make sure everything is fine, you can start with the purchase. If you want to make the funding process as fast as possible, prepare all the necessary documents in advance. They will approve your transactions as soon as you send everything, so this part depends on you.

For each transaction, they charge a 5% fee. This is not much, I must say, so I am pleased with this part. Lastly, we have a Refund Policy. This gives a certain dose of security to each client since everyone has the right to refund if unexpected cancellations happen.

Not many crypto exchanges offer this, so I am happy to see Coins Hype Australia takes care of the clients this way. The refund process lasts for about seven business days. You can send a request, they will start the process instantly and if your request is approved, the money will be on your account using the same method you chose at the beginning.

The Bottom Line

When I summarize this Coins Hype review, I can say you have my recommendations if you are deciding which crypto exchange to choose. Coins Hype Australia is a legitimate crypto exchange that has excellent opportunities and the customer service is always there for you.

My experience was excellent and I am very pleased to know they take good care for the safety of their clients. There is nothing better than trading peacefully, knowing that your funds are secured and protected.

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