RosewoodTrust Broker Review 2020

RosewoodTrust Review

RosewoodTrust has been a key member of the online trading industry since 1986. Their rise has not been meteoric, and yet they remain relevant more than 30 years later. In this RosewoodTrust review, we attempted to find out what made this brokerage so attractive to traders worldwide.

With so many competitors around every corner, we didn’t have to dig deep to find out the key to RosewoodTrust longevity. Keeping their offering simple, clean and effective seemed to work amazingly for this broker.


Throughout the years, RosewoodTrust has become well known for its flexibility that attracted various types of traders. From their inception, they offered a wide variety of account types. This made it attractive to both beginner traders with little experience and even smaller budgets as well as to volume traders and industry experts.

With a Demo account, RosewoodTrust has placed all functionality in a safe environment for traders to practice. There are no limitations between the demo and the live version of the platform, in order to make the transition to real-word trading as effortless as possible. Once traders feel comfortable enough, they can take their skills and open up a real account based on their preferences and desires.


RosewoodTrust continues its theme of accessibility into their education centre. Education still remains one of the key pillars of this brokerage’s offer. This dedication to client training is probably of the key factors to their longevity.

Learning the industry basics requires no down payment whatsoever. As a beginner, you will find everything you need to know on their website. The education centre is rich with resources you will need to understand how online trading works. RosewoodTrust has constantly updated its library to reflect on the constantly evolving trends.

By going through eBooks on offer you will master trading terminologies such as CFDs, Financial instruments, opening positions, pips, and much more. With a firm grasp on these concepts, you will be able to develop and execute trading strategies of your own.


The trading platform presents a perfect blend of simplicity and depth. Similar to the popular MetaTrader platforms, this one was constructed with traders needs in mind. Everything revolves around two key ideas: clean design and fast execution. Selecting an asset you wish to add to your portfolio is easy because all assets are divided into categories with the most popular being CFDs, Forex and Commodities.

CFDs have gained in popularity because they enable traders to trade freely with actually owning the asset or having any obligations to the underlining asset. Their main benefit is the flexibility to trade against price movements.

Forex trading, on the other hand, represents the simultaneous buying of one currency and selling of another. Currencies are always traded in pairs and are in relation to one another. While the major pairs are the most popular amongst traders, some lesser-known pairs can prove to be a valuable addition to a traders’ portfolio.

At RosewoodTrust you can also trade commodities. These assets vary from precious metals to oil and gas. They are important because they are able to retain their value even in the times of hardship when other assets are expected to plunge.


We are happy to report that all our customer support interactions were very pleasant. No matter which form of interaction we choose, we were met by a highly qualified team of representatives. RosewoodTrust has obviously spent a lot of time and effort creating a strong support system.

There are several ways you can reach out to them. If you have a complex question, email option would be your best choice. Response time will vary depending on the complexity of your query, but you can generally expect a competent response within several hours.

If you are looking for a quick reply, Live Chat is the more desirable alternative. Any question we had during their working hours was resolved quickly and very professionally. This level of client devotion has to be commended because it is not very common in this industry.


Both depositing and withdrawal of funds can be achieved by the industry-standard methods of payment. Traders can choose from credit/debit cards, bank wired transfers and even e-wallets. Execution will vary slightly depending on the chosen method. E-wallet has proven to be the quickest method with just a couple of hours needed for money transfers. Truth be told, for credit/debit cards and wire transfers the entire process can take several working days. RosewoodTrust is not to be blamed though, as it is completely dependent on your chosen bank.

You will encounter some slight delay when withdrawing your funds back to your wallet. This time is caused by additional identification verification. This measure was set in practice to ensure complete safety of funds. In our opinion, this safety of mind completely makes up for the additional waiting time.

Is RosewoodTrust a Reliable Broker?

Our RosewoodTrust review was full of praise for this Forex and CFD broker. They were founded over 30 years ago and have managed to maintain a high level of service. In our minds, there is no doubt that this is a legitimate broker with a lot to offer to traders of all levels.

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