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We came across StocksCM, a newcomer on the Forex market that is just taking off. If you’re looking to get all the inside info before getting started with your trading journey, read along. Our comprehensive review on the StocksCM platform will help you to dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s. You’re also welcome to share what’s on your mind in the comment section. 

We want to start this FX broker review, pointing out the primary message of StocksCM. They aim at helping their clients to push the limits so they can scale their success as individual traders. Their goal is noticeable with each click through their webpage. With impeccable designs and a user-friendly interface, you always know where you stand. Everything is clear and transparent since their team is always ready to take your requests and comments into consideration.

How does StocksCM forex work? Well, among the already well-established names, a brand needs to get ahead by setting itself aside and being unique. Keep reading to become well-versed in what makes the StockCM platform stand out from competitors.

Investing or Trading?

While these two terms can get easily confused or mistaken with one another, StocksCM shows a clear picture of the difference between the two. These are actually two completely different methods of profiting, both in the financial markets. Whether you are an investor or a trader, you are attempting to earn profit by engaging with the market. However, the main difference between the two is their unique approach to creating this profiting strategy.


While an investor aims for larger returns over a limited time period, a trader takes their time, as well as takes a wider range of signals into consideration. From the rise and a drop in the market performance to an individual enter and exit strategy and timing, a trader is able to receive smaller, but more frequent profits by comparison.


So, when you invest, you aim to build up your capital during an extended period of time. While you do so, you can combine stocks, bonds, mutual funds or any other type of financial instrument available on the platform. Investments often take years to play out, sometimes even decades. Who has that kind of time, anyway? During that time, investors can collect interests, dividends or stock splits, depending on the type of financial instrument which they added to their personal portfolio. In addition, investors are usually more concerned about the fundamentals of the market, such as forecasts and price movements. And while a trader takes those into consideration as well, they make a more in-depth analysis as they go along, adding new things to the mix as they come by.


Basics of Trading

This is where trading comes to its peak – analyzing anything and everything you may find useful for your trading adventure. This is the main advantage of the process of trading, where you can create your own style and strategies. While you can always compare to other traders, engage with them and learn what works for them, this may not work for you as well. This is why the safest option is to try and try again until you eventually succeed. And who knows – in no time, you can become a role model for other beginners as well! Remember how challenging it was to start? Now, you can become more compassionate and sensitive to these differences and learn how to turn them into advantages.


Creating this FX broker review, we wanted to support a new but promising trading platform that acknowledges its lack of experiences but makes up for it with innovations and modern approaches. Everyone is welcomed to try and grow with this up and coming platform. Starting their journey with a brand that is clear with their goals, the message they are sending out into the trading world is attractive and appealing. 

Trading Instruments

Each trading platform that you stumble upon on your search for a perfect fit aims to offer you something new and exciting. But one thing they can all agree on is – the wider the asset range, the more satisfied clients! This is true in any business, but market trading especially. Just for the sake of comparison – while an investor hopes for an annual return of 10%, for example, a trader will earn the same amount in a single month! How cool is that?


This is what StocksCM takes into consideration, which is why they provide their clients over several hundred different assets up for trading. From stock and currency pairs to indices and cryptos, it is up to you to choose which one to take a chance with first. What seems to be especially popular on StocksCM are the currency pairs, and it is no surprise since the possibilities are practically endless.

Currency Pairs

Currency pairs are listed and traded on the largest and most liquid market in the world – the Forex market. What is so special about it? Among other things, what pops out immediately is that this market is always open. Aside from holidays, you can trade on the Forex market no matter which time zone you are in. So, sleep in and get some rest, because this market will take you on a rollercoaster! You won’t be able to get out of your head.


Forex is short for Foreign Exchange, and it is a place where you can trade all the major currencies of the world. They are displayed in currency pairs – such as USD/EUR, for example. And though they also have their own individual values, which are displayed in indexes, they are always traded in pairs. like listed above.



One other thing that stands out with currency trading is the wide range of different factors that contribute to their value. From the economic landscape of a certain country to the global spread of a health crisis, there are so many things to take into consideration. They add up to a fluctuation in the exchange rates between the two currencies. This can significantly increase your profit and diversify your portfolio. Here are some of the most common currency pairs which you can find in the StocksCM Forex section:


  1. USD/EUR – while the US currency is referred to as one of the most popular currencies of the world, the euro is fluctuating as many factors are attempting to shake it – from the Brexit fallout to the potential new trade deal with the EU
  2. USD/JPY – the Japanese yen is one of the most alluring currencies because of its stability. Not many things can shake it down. That’s because the investors strive to buy it and keep it close in times of hardships
  3. USD/AUD – the huge environmental crisis that has shaken Australia for the past couple of months. Despite the floods and rainforest fires, the currency is successfully bouncing back.


What Else?

In addition, you can also find the so-called “cross-currency” pairs. As the name would suggest, they do not trade against the dollar. Rather, they do it amongst themselves (the Japanese yen and the Australian dollar, for example). How did this tradition of comparing currencies to the US dollar come to be?


Well, the US economy is historically one of the strongest ones in the world. This tradition came to be after World War II when there was a lot of turmoil with the global economy. The US economic landscape, however, stood its ground for one main reason. And that is because they ensured all their national money through the reserves of gold. This way, if anything unpredictable would have happened, the US would still have a safety net to land on. This is how gold came into the spotlight as well – now it is a safe-haven asset for traders and investors. For starters, gold will never run out, not to mention – it’s quite stylish, too. 

Trading Styles

As you sail the unpredictable seas of market trading, you will notice your personal trading style forming along the way. This is a good thing – it helps you acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses and learn how to improve both. Typically, after some time passes you will be able to recognize 4 major types of traders which you can meet on your way, or become yourself:


  • Position trader – this type of trader is quite a patient one. Namely, they can hold on to their position for months or even years. How is that possible, you might ask? Especially since there are so many new appealing positions to open every single day! Well, no one said you can’t have the best of both worlds. With StocksCM, you can open and close positions as you wish. Still, holding a certain position unchanged for a long time requires a lot of patience
  • Swing trader – you can hold these positions for shorter periods of time, typically weeks. This way you can assess the market performance in a much closer range, and decide on your strategy accordingly
  • Day trader – this type of trader is fast-paced, but not hasty. Rather, they assess their possibilities during a single day of trading, and a lot can happen in that time
  • Scalp trader – this is an extremely hectic type of position to hold. Here, you take your chance and do your best within the minutes or even seconds! This adds up to a lot of excitement and appeal, not to mention quick profits.


Were you able to recognize yourself among any of these trading types? 

We hope that this is one of the best Forex broker reviews you have ever read and bet that the mentioned-above information will help you to find your way with StocksCM.

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