Top iOS Trading Apps to Follow the Stock Market

Volatility had been the main characteristic of the stock markets since the end of 2017. Because of that, people wanting to invest in stocks needed to pay closer attention to the market’s performance.

When prices fluctuate to such a big degree, you want to be updated with the latest information. This is quite impotant, since it might impact the future direction of the price. So, you should be able to monitor your portfolio. Let’s see what are some of the best iOS trading apps out there.They can help you to stay constantly informed about the latest developments as a trader.

iOS investing apps


By far of the most popular app used for tracking the stock market, offers a set of financial tools covering a wide variety of global and local financial instruments. With the app, you’ll have access to real-time data, live quotes and charts for over 100,000 financial instruments from 70 different global exchanges.

Additional features like economic calendar, earnings calendar, personalized portfolio, alerts, news, analysis, etc. are also available on, in order to help you understand better the market performance.

Trading platforms

We’ve mentioned how important it is to monitor your portfolio on a constant basis. This is due to the market’s volatility, but despite that, you won’t be able to stand at your desk on a constant basis. You need to be able to monitor your stock even when you are away and that’s when you need a mobile platform.

Most of the brokers, whether we talk about the FXVC mobile platform, Oanda,, etc. had already developed iOS versions for their platforms, meaning you can monitor your trades and have full access to almost all account features directly from your phone. You definitely want to close or open new trades at any time. Of course, with the mobile platform, you are able to do that.


Another important iOS app you should constantly use is Bloomberg. Although it is similar to, Bloomberg has an edge in terms of documenting the most recent events. Consider that geopolitical tensions have a great influence on the financial markets these days. Therefore, you need access to reliable information as fast as possible.

If you want to use it on a daily basis, there’s only a limited number of articles you can read. This then means you will need to sign up for a subscription. However, it’s worth the payment! Mainly because you’ll be able to know in greater detail more about big events. Whether you like it or not, they will sooner or later impact your stock market portfolio.

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