Top Investing Apps for Android Devices

Mobile trading continues its ascendency, as brokerage companies and dealers report that more than 20% of all the trades are going through trading apps. According to FXCM research, only on forex, the retail average daily volume surpassed $250 billion and most of the people are using mobile apps.

Since it is popular and useful in many ways, let’s see what are some of the top investing apps for Android devices which you could use in order to improve your trading.


No matter what instruments you are trading, you definitely should keep up to date with the latest and most important market news. The CNBC mobile app lets you access accurate and actionable business news. In addition, you can research financial information, market data, and much other useful information.

One cool feature of the Android CNBC app is that it will notify you instantly when breaking news occurs. You can also watch live videos, see what major analysts think about the markets, and stay up to date with the latest episodes of the CNBC shows.

Trading Platforms

Whether you need a CFD trading platform or platforms for stocks trading like TD Ameritrade or Robinhood, it is crucial that you have complete access to your trading account at any time and no matter where you are.

mobile trading platform


We’ve seen huge amounts of volatility for the past few years, which means buy-and-hold strategies will definitely not work. Traders will need to act fast and make split decisions when a major event occurs. Mobile platform will help you do exactly that, even when you are not at your desk.

For the past few years, brokerage companies had invested a lot of time and resources into mobile platforms. This is why so many people are conducting trades using them.

Yahoo Finance

Similar to the CNBC app, with Yahoo Finance you can follow stocks you care about most and get personalized news and alerts. You also have access to real-time information about stocks and other instruments. In addition, there are many investment updates for you to stay on top of the market.

You’ll be able to create your portfolio of assets as well as track their performance. Later, they can compare them with interactive full-screen charts. This is the best way to find all the financial information you need with sleek and intuitive navigation.

Yahoo Finance goes beyond stocks. In addition, it tracks currencies, bonds, commodities, equities, and many other financial instruments. With this, any type of trader will find what suits them the most.

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