Is FXVC a scam?

FXVC has been present on the market for quite a while. During that time, they had their ups and downs, just like any other business. But what makes this company stand out? The clients are eager to find out, so we are here to deliver!

We were researching through the comments and reviews made by the users from all around the globe. Then, we have decided it would be useful to dig in a little deeper into this platform and learn all of its good and bad sides, so you don’t have to.

In the following passages, you can read all about our discoveries, and check out what we are talking about by visiting the platform, too. So, the question remains – is FXVC a scam? Keep on reading to find out!


Brand and Reliability

Since FXVC stepped into the spotlight back in 2014, their main goal was to establish the trust of their clients. That took a lot of time and patience. In addition,  more advanced technologies and innovative approaches came that would differentiate them from the competitors. Since then, FXVC has built up quite the following in Europe first, as well as other countries around the globe.

Why is this such a big achievement? As you might have learned, Europe is quite a competitive market not everyone can qualify to enter. Ever since establishing the European Union, the harsh regulations are created to prevent any fraudulent activities towards their citizens. As a result, a new regulatory frame was created. Breaching it will lead to grave consequences in order to protect each client.


This is quite reassuring. While researching further, we have learned that FXVC is regulated by the Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission – CySEC for short. This is one of the strongest regulatory bodies in one of the toughest markets in the world. Their overall mission is to create a safe environment for traders. They do that by contributing to the healthy development and functionality of the world markets. They assure it by constantly reviewing and improving brands under their jurisdiction. Also, they keep adding innovative approaches while keeping what’s already been working well established.

What does this mean for you? While you can’t exactly contribute to the way FXVC does business as much a stronger regulatory body, CySEC provides you an assurance. In other words, if FXVC is a scam – they would be the first ones to call them out on it. You see, by breaking any of the regulatory body rules or principles brings out quite harsh punishments. And no platform would subject to that kind of scrutiny. Because once the trust is gone, it is impossible to repair the reputation and regain clients. Which is why FXVC stays ahead of it – by following the CySEC rules and contributing to their mission of creating better and improved market environment for all.


Trading Platform and Offers

FXVC aims to be innovative each step of the way, which is why they created their own proprietary platform. What does this mean, exactly? Well, when a company creates its own platform, it means that their advantages come into play with every moment you use it. This way, they are creating new and original ways to do business. In this case, FXVC’s own software is applying special security and regulatory measures to ensure the brand’s functionality, and your better trading experience.

Some may argue that the lack of the highly popular MT4 platform is a risky move, FXVC is aware of that. Rather, they try to add something new to the mix, which is quite admiring. The MT4 platform is one of the most advanced ones in the business. Still, FXVC would rather take a less-known road and see how it plays out.


Nevertheless, the trading platform offers to all its traders an opportunity to buy and sell over 300 different asset. They include stocks, currency pairs, CFDs and cryptos. They can be found in 4 neatly organized sections of their webpage, which shows how the securities are performing in real time. This is necessary especially with today’s technology, since you don’t want to miss out on all the excitement. Aside from this list, by clicking on each asset you can also be presented with the handy chart. It shows the growth and progress of that asset through time during a trading session.


Registration Process

If everything so far sound pretty satisfying to you, the next logical step would be to look for that “Register” button. It is set in the top right corner of the page, and by clicking on it you will be presented with a form. Here, you can enter a few basic information about yourself. This information include your name, country of residence and telephone number, as well as your e-mail address and unique password. You will use it each time you sign up to trade.

Furthermore, after filling out the form you will receive a confirmation e-mail in your inbox. After this, you will be all set to begin trading. Another important part of the registration process is the next step, which includes an investor questionnaire. Here, you will be able to input more detailed information about yourself, including education, amount of funds and your overall trading experience and goals. This is quite important, since it will help your broker have in mind which educational tools to provide for you and make your trading adventure even easier.


Depositing Process

After you completed the necessary registration section of the webpage, you can find the bright green button marked “Deposit”. By clicking on it, you will be taken to a new part of the site in which you can choose the payment method in which you wish to make a deposit of funds to your account. They include bank wire transfers, credit cards and electronic fund transfers.

What particularly stands out with FXVC is that the processing of the funds is instant. In addition, there are no hidden fees or other commissions of any kind. FXVC is completely transparent with all their missions and processes, which makes it even easier to learn about them and establish the long-lasting relationship of trust and reliability.


Product Offering

In order to accommodate your every individual need as a trader, FXVC has worked long and hard to create different types of accounts suitable for your trading journey. As a result, you can find 5 account types, and choose from them accordingly to different parameters and trading tools they provide. And if you wish to switch to another one, you can do that in just a few steps, by fulfilling the required amount of money for deposit on your account.



Bronze is the basic type of account, which you can acquire by depositing a minimum of $2.500 in funds. This account provides you access to the research made by analysts and trading alerts which will guide you to making a smart trading decision.



A step above from bronze, the silver account can be yours by depositing a minimum of $5000. This will give you access to the more personal education tools including a connection to your broker and analytic tools such as market reviews and web calendars.



The gold account is available to you after you make a minimum of $10.000 deposit. It gives you access to all of the trading tools including e-books, video tutorials and e-mail and SMS notifications, so you can always keep up with the current market events.



The platinum account can be yours after you made a deposit of $25.000 or more, and you can use it to create a whole new set of advantages for your trading process. It also includes perks, such as lower spreads and even discounts on the certain fees and commissions.



The biggest gem of them all in the FXVC crown of jewels is the VIP account, reserved especially for the most loyal traders. With it, the opportunities are endless – from special educational courses to no fees on certain trading options.



All in all, you cannot be certain how things will turn out in the end. Since market trading is unpredictable, all you can do is hope that the skills you acquired along the way are enough to guide you when things get tough. And if not – having a trusting platform to lean on can get you a long way. We gave you with our analysis of the FXVC platform in hopes to make your decision easier and more prosper for your trading dreams. We hope we did our job well, by bringing you one step closer to achieving them.



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