Start Your Own Brokerage


With today’s fast-paced world of technology, keeping up with innovations can seem challenging at times. So many options for improvement and getting ahead in the world of business and trading are available. They are usually combining skills with experience and efficiency. When you’ve been on the market for quite some time you have learned your way around and experienced almost everything it has to offer. So sometimes you will find yourself wondering – what’s next?

Change is sometimes strange, often difficult, and all throughout quite uncomfortable. But this is how growth works! And when you reach your destination, you will feel so much stronger and more empowered than ever before. You will also be grateful that you got through it all. And for a successful trader who manages risks quite well, the next logical step regarding this would be to start your own brokerage.

How would that work? In the beginning, when the idea forms in your mind, you will have more questions than answers. And that’s only natural! That’s what FINOVATION is here for – to guide you through all the hardships while celebrating your achievements during your exciting trading adventure.

Is it Difficult?

Starting a brokerage is quite similar to starting any other business – it’s challenging but rewarding. Hardships may seem like a lot. But when you have the right tools and the great amount of support that Finovation provides, you are destined for greatness. Since everything begins and ends with you, you should always look at investment as an opportunity to improve and grow for yourself. Along the way, you will learn new skills. They vary – from negotiation and compromise to accuracy and analysis of important information regarding this exciting area of the industry.

Investing in yourself has more advantages than you may think. First, when you start your own brokerage, you should always keep in mind that you are investing your time, money and effort into yourself and the people you appreciate. You are not just handing it to some management group of people you don’t even know. This feeling is quite rewarding and it constantly gives back. Because, whenever you feel you’re in doubt, you have yourself to rely on. You will be included in every single part of this alluring process, creating it and adapting it to your needs, as well as market requirements.

Historically, brokerages were the only option for independent traders to try and establish themselves as powerhouses on the market against huge corporations. The market was always competitive, and in 1975 in the US, the corporations were leading the way in all the industries. In trading especially, all eyes were on them, while everyone else was forced to follow behind. With brokerages, however, every single person had a fair shot at creating something unique and special on the market. Simultaneously, they are making a great amount of profit by applying skills picked up along the way.

Lower Costs

Today, one of the greatest features that come to mind when you start your own brokerage is significantly lower costs. When you take on the entire workload on yourself, you cut off the unnecessary fees and charges which you would otherwise have to give out. For this to happen, you will need a significant amount of capital to invest in your trading dream. This then draws the need for a skilled and focused team of professionals who are dedicated to your vision. This is where FINOVATION comes into play.

With our wide variety of business services, you will be able to design your own business plan and be able to start your own brokerage in no time. From marketing strategies to CRM and innovative payment solutions, you name it. FINOVATION is aiming to become your ultimate guide for all things related to market trading. How are we able to constantly stay on top, you may ask? Well, we have been around for quite some time, and we’ve experienced a lot of ups and downs. We combine the traditional approaches which we learned through years of experience with new and creative ways to run a business. At the same time, we are overcoming many obstacles along the way.

When you start your own brokerage, a new world of possibilities opens up to you. So far, you’ve only been able to experience the market from one side – by being a trader. You’ve watched your favorite assets go back and forth, up and down during trading sessions. You’ve worked hard and played harder, and it paid off. Now, it’s time to sit back and see what the market can do for you.

Your Own Platform?

You will still be able to invest in the assets of your choice, of course. However, in addition to this exciting chapter, you will be able to do something even more exciting. And that is – earning commissions from others using your own signature platform! How great is that? This way, you can design the trading platform of your dreams, and share it with the world! One of the biggest advantages of the fintech industry is that you can do it from wherever you are. By relaxing on the beach or sitting in your bedroom, in just a few clicks! Before this, you had to set up a physical company, which drew so many unnecessary spending. With FINOVATION , however, starting your own brokerage is more appealing and easier than ever.


What are some other advantages of setting up your brokerage? For starters, you will have access to the best and the most of what the world of technology has to offer. Faster execution and better connection with clients are just some of the many perks that we offer here at FINOVATION . We understand that you need to stay updated with all the innovations. That’s why we aim to help you do that by constantly improving your connection with our team. We are always available to you for every question you may have during this exciting journey.


With our top of the line CRM, staying connected has never been easier. When you decide to start your own brokerage, there are so many small details that will contribute to the overall image you are trying to create. So, in order for you to not get caught up into them and keep your eyes on the bigger picture, FINOVATION will do so for you.

Keeping Things Interesting

Staying on top of the game can be quite challenging, but we are not the ones to stray away from difficulties. Instead, we see them as opportunities to fill in the blanks we didn’t even know there were on the market. How do we do that? By combining years of experience with an ability to adapt to innovations. The same goes for each of our clients – we are here to help you be the best broker you can be, but it doesn’t stop there. Us, too, have an outstanding need to constantly improve ourselves and our business. So, whenever you grow, we grow with you and accept new challenges and welcome new like-minded traders into our global family.


When you decide to start your own brokerage, however, you should keep one thing in mind. You are entering quite a competitive environment of already established traders, brokers and global trends which move the market into several different directions daily. You never know what will happen next, but that goes for every business. That’s why you should focus on what excludes you from the crowd of the same-old. What is it that will make you pop in the eyes of your future clients? This feature, whatever that may be, will make you recognizable throughout the globe. Besides, it will ensure the trust of both partners and other traders.

Which Type of Brokerage?

Furthermore, there are two types of brokerage which you can consider setting up – the full-service option or a retail brokerage. When it comes to the first option, as the name would imply, you will be able to run all operations of the business. Not only trading services, but also transactions and other features that are included in day-to-day trading. This option also has a distinctive value that pops up right away. It will take some time for your brokerage to start from the ground up. That’s why you will need to create a carefully planned and detailed financial strategy that will serve as a safety net until you reach your final destination.


On the other hand, the retail brokerage takes a lot of the pressure off of you as an independent broker just starting out and trying to get by. This option minimizes risks while providing you with the best features available for decentralized brokerages. However, the bigger the risk – the bigger the reward. In this case, since you will not have direct access to the market, the chances for profit will be somewhat decreased. Instead, you will only access the market through other companies, and collect your profit through fees and commissions made by traders.


In the end, starting your own brokerage is as challenging as any other new beginning. At first, you don’t know more than you do. But as you keep going, the market will accept you as one of its own, helping you march to the beat of your own drum. And FINOVATION is always here to help you on that journey, however long it may take.




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